Answering your questions

I get asked a lot of questions (both online and in person) so I thought I’d answer some of them.

iphone-152What is Sheepie Niagara?

Sheepie Niagara is a cartoon sheep living life in fabulous Niagara Falls, USA. This is Sheepie’s blog. Sheepie also has a Twitter.

Who is Sheepie?

Like every other mediocre superhero, Sheepie’s “secret identity” is kept in a vault at Fort Niagara. *cue dramatic heist music*

In reality, a handful of people know who Sheepie is, (not the most subtle person), but it’s more fun to just let the character of Sheepie be the character of Sheepie.

If Sheepie’s a cartoon sheep, did any of the things mentioned on *insert media here* actually happen?

With the exception of a story on Twitter involving a truck, a shopping mall, sunglasses and Chinese food, almost everything Sheepie talks about is true. Sheepie really does love shopping, have an obsession with the Urban Renewal era, and sat in on one of the Governor’s Press Conferences.

On a side note, the cartoon Sheep’s birthday was April 14th, which would have made Sheepie an Aries, but the WIZARD BEHIND THE CURTAIN has retconned it to December 8th to match the maker and prevent confusion.

And for the record: Shoes really are impossible to find is size *hoof*, but I find that New Balance comes close #NotSponsored.

Where did you come up with the idea for Sheepie? Did you ever consider an eagle mascot since NU’s mascot is an eagle? (Courtesy Artie Psych)

I’ve often gotten the related question of “Why a Sheep?” asked before. I actually appreciate the wording of this question.

The idea for Sheepie is kind of  conglomeration. I was watching some Shaun the Sheep back in the day, so that played a part, but in reality I was looking for something different. I was inspired by the 80s  fashion, particularly the off-the-shoulder shirts and scrunchies. The curly hair is totally my family, and my hair is a crazy mess of curls (particularly in the morning).

When I first came up with Sheepie, I knew that Niagara 1/24 (a radio show on WNIA Radio at Niagara University) needed a mascot. To say Sheepie was shoehorned into that role is an understatement. Sheepie was really just a Saturday project that exploded. I drew the Rainbow Centre logo on her shirt, and the rest is pretty much history.

As for an eagle, Sheepie never really had any connection to NU (other than I go to NU), so I never considered an eagle. Ever.

But why name a Sheep “Sheepie”? Isn’t that lazy?

This is the next question I usually get after the “why a sheep” question. I hate to burst your bubble, but Sheepie’s name isn’t actually Sheepie.

Please pick your jaws off the floor.

If we’re being technical, the cartoon Sheep lovingly referred to as “Sheepie” is named Sierra Scotia McAlester. Sheepie is just a nickname. You can now sleep soundly tonight.

Does your love for Niagara Falls stem from any particular event in your life? Or has it always been a lifelong love? (courtesy Zackary Kephart)

My love of Niagara Falls didn’t really solidify until my Senior year of high school. I’ve always lived in Niagara Falls, but I was never obsessed with city history. I did always like the Summit Mall, but that’s Wheatfield. My teacher in middle school actually taught a class on Niagara Falls history, so that played a role in it. I remember doing a project to redesign the city back then, and that was fun. I started studying the city’s history seriously back in high school, and everything just took off from there.

Fun fact: prior to 2015, I had only been to Niagara Falls three times in my entire life. I’ve now been wayyyyy more times than that.

Favorite place to go to in Niagara Falls? (Courtesy Zackary Kephart)

Any of the breakfast places. I also like Target (shopping). If we’re referring to an actual Niagara Falls thing, I like going down to the old Schoellkopf plant (now the Maid of the Mist launch).

My favorite place in the Niagara area? The Power Vista. Another reason I went to NU: Power Vista.

How would you describe Niagara Falls to someone who has never heard of or seen the town (town meaning entire thing since I don’t know the proper term)? (Courtesy Zackary Kephart)

Big city perks: small town feel. Niagara Falls has all of the things a city gets, including everything being conveniently close, but it’s also not insanely overpopulated. People know each other.

Do you forgive me for leading you into thinking that Weebly was better than WordPress? (Courtesy Zackary Kephart)

I don’t know Zack: Do I? 

In all seriousness, it was my idea to move the blog, not yours. Although you switching to WordPress after I switched to Weebly was irritating, I am soooooo much happier being back on WordPress.


That’s it for this round! Any questions that I missed? Leave them in the comments below.

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