YOU (yes, you) can advertise on Sheepie Niagara!


You haven’t missed out yet, flock: there’s still plenty of room to advertise here on Sheepie Niagara.

Why would you want your ad on Sheepie Niagara? Well, besides being a fantastic cartoon sheep in Niagara Falls, Sheepie’s blog is also read all over the world. Heck, we even have people form Curaçao reading our posts!

You don’t have to be a business, either: Sheepie accepts personal ads!

Here’s a pricing list:

Level 1: Banner ad ($5 per month)

A level 1 advertisement is the “your ad here” square on the left hand side of the page (or the bottom if you’re on mobile.)

You can send in your print ad to be placed along this side for $5. It can even be a GIF if you have it!

Level 2: Sponsored Post ($10)

Do you have a post you want me to write? Want me to talk about your business? You want a sponsored post! These posts are incredibly affordable for even the tightest budget.


Don’t have an ad ready? No problem!

If you don’t have a print ad, but you still want to advertise, you can commission an ad design from us here at Sheepie Niagara for a flat rate of $10. The design will be yours, too: you can use it anywhere you want!


To inquire about advertising opportunities, please contact us, or email us directly at

Note Sheepie Niagara reserves the right to reject advertising proposals that are deemed inappropriate for the viewing audience.

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