Why I do what I do (and don’t do what I don’t)


Spoiler alert: my entire life isn’t devoted to making blog posts.

Shocker, right?

In all seriousness, I do put a fair amount of effort into maintaining this website. I even spent out-of-pocket to get a custom domain (which sets you back $30-something a year on WordPress).

Sometimes, though, I have to take a step back. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and this blog is lower on the list of things to keep up with.

If you’re not familiar with my blog, you might not have noticed a slowdown: I still post food reviews every Tuesday and 80s music reviews every Wednesday.

If you’ve been following for a while, however, you know of a wide series of regular posts that stopped without notice (like the recently dead “Late Nite Cafe Chat”).

The one thing I’m proud of with this blog is the level in which it can run on autopilot. People are still finding my content, and I don’t have to “promote” (read: spam) posts anymore.

Still, there are always slumps. For example, my friend’s recently-created music blog has several times more views per day than me.

Of course, that means nothing: he’s covering a category that has a wide audience. I’m covering a niche of Niagara Falls fans combined with random music and food blurbs. My friend’s blog is Walmart: I’m the locally-owned convenience store on a side street.

could always pay for advertising to boost my audience. I’ve considered several times doing that. But here’s the thing: I’m already losing money on this blog. I can’t use Google Adsense on this platform, I pay the aforementioned $30+ a year for the domain, and WordPress considers my numbers too low to invite me to their special money club.

I tried offering my own ads on here to make up some of that expense, but that fell rather flat. To be perfectly honest, I’m kinda glad it did. First, I seriously don’t need the money, and I don’t like taking money from people. Heck, one of my followers here is trying to raise money for surgery: send the money to him! Second, I want to be able to write this blog on my own terms. I created this blog as an enjoyable hobby, and somewhere in the summer lost my mind attempting to run it like a business.

This sheep doesn’t like that.

I consider my readers friends: I’m actually friends with quite a few of them on Twitter. Friends don’t use friends. That’s not a thing. I want to do stupid things like send out Christmas Cards (you can still sign up to get one, I still have slots open!) I love my readers: I sign off my posts with a heart, after all!

I will continue to work on getting my numbers up, though. I find it a personal accomplishment that people from all over the world enjoy reading even one post from this sheep from Niagara Falls, NY.

Oh, and I’m continuing the “business” aesthetic, only because of the outfit. C’mon, look at that desk with that giant computer. Look at my middle school principal glare in that Stein-Mart quality pantsuit. It’s fantastic!

-Sheepie ❤

2 thoughts on “Why I do what I do (and don’t do what I don’t)

  1. Zackary Kephart says:

    I hear you on running this like a business. That’s why my Walmart blog (lol) is run underground – the people who read it are people who have read my stuff for a couple years now. I no longer promote posts on social media because I’m happy with the audience I have. In return I enjoy writing more nowadays. Scaling back will help more than you think.

    Liked by 1 person

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