Flock Post: Niagara Records

Flock Posts are posts submitted by our community. This post comes to us from Zack.

Hello everyone (or “flock” as the editor in chief calls you all)!

 I wanted to write a flock post centered around a new music store. For those who love music of literally any kind, you need to check out the new Niagara Records located at 5833 Buffalo Street in Sanborn.
Here, you’ll find LOADS of vinyl by literally any artist you can think of from literally any genre that pops up into your head. While I headed straight to the Country and Rock sections, the editor in chief will probably look for Pop records from the 80’s! I’ve already found tons of rare finds, and while you can just Amazon it in this day and age, you’d have to pay shipping and handling. One of the albums I got was $7.99 on Amazon, but I only payed $6 for it at the store.

I didn’t catch the owner’s name unfortunately. He was in the middle of an interview when I was shopping, but he likes all genres from progressive rock, to opera, to rock, to even country and beyond. From what I can tell, a lot of the music stems from his own personal collection, so make sure to go and support your local business!!! He’s also looking to expand, so from the looks of it, Niagara Records could hopefully have a great 2018.

(Additionally he also sells CD’s and DVD’s for the nerds like me who still collect both of those).


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