Slowly I turned

Mayor Paul Dyster's State of the City address was yesterday. With all the current hiccups in the Cataract City, there were only two moods the speech could take: tactful dread or obligatory optimistic. The mayor obviously picked optimistic. Living in the Falls my entire life, and having a vested interested in its complex workings for … Continue reading Slowly I turned

Pints 23, baby!

The 23rd Pints for Progress wrapped up last night at the Hard Rock, and it was a blast as always. The $490 pot went to the Niagara Beautification Commission's Rose Garden restoration project. Considering the recent improvements in New York State's second-largest city-run park (you read that right), fixing up the Rose Garden is a … Continue reading Pints 23, baby!

Jell-o Sugar Free Dulce De Leche Pudding Review

Even more sugar free pudding to review, flock! This week, we're looking at the Dulce de Leche flavor from Jell-o. This pudding is really, really good. The caramel flavoring that's layered on the top is actually not quite pudding. It's basically a sauce over the main pudding part. It is surprisingly sweet for sugar free, … Continue reading Jell-o Sugar Free Dulce De Leche Pudding Review