Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Big Kahuna Sandwich Review

What? Two food reviews in one week? Has a certain sheep lost their mind? That is a question that many have asked, but is completely irrelevant to this review. Today, we're taking a look at Arby's new King's Hawaiian Big Kahuna sandwich. This gorgeous sandwich right here. So, prior to looking it up, I had … Continue reading Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Big Kahuna Sandwich Review

Frankie’s Fish Fry Review

Since I've been neglecting both food reviews and Lent, it's time to dip back into the swimming pool of oil and review a local Fish Fry. Today, we're reviewing a fish fry from Frankie's Donuts. Yes, that Frankie's Donuts. Not as stunning as a donut, but still. Frankie's fish fry looks peculiar compared to other … Continue reading Frankie’s Fish Fry Review