A cartoon sheep in Niagara Falls, USA answers your questions

Flock, a few weeks back, I opened up an “Ask Me Anything” for a blog post. The turnout was…well it was exactly what I’d expect. While there weren’t a ton of responses, there were a few interesting questions that I’ll be answering.

So without further ado, let’s do this thing!

@heyrachacha asked:
When you have insomnia, what do you count?

Usually when I can’t sleep, I start chanting “No! Sleep! Till Buffalo!” as if I were a Beastie Boy.
Luckily, I tend to sleep pretty well. I get about 9 hours of sleep each night.

@themusicdivide asked:
How are you able to get restaurants/eateries to serve you food for your reviews considering you’re an animal?

I mean technically I’m not an animal: I’m a cartoon character. Do animals have driver’s licenses? No? I didn’t think so.

Not even cartoons take good license photos.

Also, I expected nothing less than The Musical Divide to open up Pandora’s box with this question (we’ve known each other for years, he was the GM at WNIA, I was a DJ and mascot…college was weird.)

@alonerocker asked:
You already know I ONLY want info about Hotel Niagara. Forever and ever and ever.

Well, this is where I get to disappoint everyone by revealing my big secret for knowing things going on in Niagara Falls: I read. I don’t know much about Hotel Niagara beyond what I published way back, and most of my information comes from either reading or listening. Of course, if you keep your ears open, you might hear some secrets! (And if anybody should be able to hear those, Sheepie McBigEars over here definitely should).

@MickGoodnight asked:
How do you adult? Lol

I made a list of how to properly be an adult, please find it below.

How to Adult by Sierra Scotia McAlester list. 2019 Crayon on Computer Paper
As you can see, I am very much a serious adult cartoon sheep.

@GDjoe42 asked
Do you like Phish?

I don’t dislike Phish, but they’re not on the top of my list (honestly I like anything with a good beat). They played at the Convention Center so I sorta have to like them.

Well, that’s about it. This was super fun to do, and thank you guys for submitting some really great questions! Have a burning question I missed? Leave it in the comments or tweet it @sheepieniagara.

-Sheepie ❤

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