About Sheepie


The site. The tweets. The massive floofy marshmallow hair. Here’s everything you need to know about Sheepie:


Sheepie’s name

A cartoon sheep called “Sheepie” is so original: Sheepie’s official name is Sierra Scotia McAlester.

Sheepie’s (not so) royal title

If we’re being pompous (which we are), Sheepie’s official title is “Kreskówka Caora of Niagara, of Schlosser and Bellevue, and of LaSalle, Owca of Lewiston, erstwhile idol of broadbrand broadcast, darling of Saintly Angel, antiquary of fragmented yesteryears.”

Sheepie’s birthday

Sheepie’s birthday is December 8th. This makes her a Sagittarius. People born on the 8th of December are said to attractive and resolute, but also known to speak their minds and have personality shifts. They are also said to be great communicators!

“Why do I never see Sheepie at [insert event]?”

Like the magical faeries of yore, Sheepie cannot be seen by the average heathen human. Being a cartoon sheep has its perks as well as its curses. Sheepie (like Santa) has helpers that often attend events, although sometimes the cartoon sheep manages to sneak in without anyone noticing (as a few individuals can attest to).

“Can I talk to Sheepie?”

Of course! Sheepie is always up for a chat on Twitter. That was Sheepie’s first internet presence, and it’s still her best. You can also just email her using the contact form on this site.