Local Project Statuses

A list of local projects that I have been following the progress of. Likelihood of major progress listed in parentheses.

WonderFalls (Rainbow Centre Mall)

Status: “Considerable amount of time”(Unlikely in near future)

Niagara International Sports & Entertainment (Summit Park Mall)

Status: Under Construction Back to the planning board (Unlikely in near future). NISE has taken the old SEARS building in interim.

City Model from Power Vista

Status: In NACC storage awaiting exhibit (Unlikely in near future)

Festival of Lights

Status: Now named “Jingle Falls.” (Confirmed and active)

New NF Convention Center

Status: Preliminary (Unlikely in near future)

Niagara Experience Center

Status: Website no longer exists. Paul Gromosiak, prime mover behind project, passed away in 2018.

Previous: Website email leads to send failure (Unlikely in near future)