Local Project Statuses

A list of local projects that I have been following the progress of. Likelihood of major progress listed in parentheses.

Hotel Niagara

Status: Limbo due to pandemic

Former Smokin’ Joe Properties

Currently in RFP.

WonderFalls (Rainbow Centre Mall)

Wonder Falls Project CANCELLED. New space utilization to be performed by USA Niagara. RFP/Timeline: estimated 2024 completion.

Niagara International Sports & Entertainment (Summit Park Mall)

Status: Under Construction Back to the planning board (Unlikely in near future). NISE has taken the old SEARS building in interim. Mall space to be utilized in near future.

City Model from Power Vista

Status: In NACC storage awaiting exhibit (Unlikely in near future)

Festival of Lights

Status: Now named “Jingle Falls.” (Confirmed and active)

New NF Convention Center

Status: Preliminary (Unlikely in near future)

Niagara Experience Center

Status: Website no longer exists. Paul Gromosiak, prime mover behind project, passed away in 2018.

Previous: Website email leads to send failure (Unlikely in near future)