Candy’s Country Pies Review: Naples Grape Festival

Hey flock! We're moving along through our Grape Festival pie reviews. Yesterday, we took a look at Cindy's Pies, a pie that fell on the sweet end of the spectrum. As promised, here's a completely different option. Candy's Country Grape Pie is the definition of a country pie. There's no frills with the crust, which … Continue reading Candy’s Country Pies Review: Naples Grape Festival

Frankie Primo’s +39’s Tagliatelle Funghi Review

Flock, it is no secret that my most popular food review ever is Olive Garden's Creamy Mushroom Sauce. This is for good reason: it's a great sauce. Naturally, when I found myself at an Italian restaurant on Chippewa in the City of Buffalo, there was only one item on the menu that caught my eye. … Continue reading Frankie Primo’s +39’s Tagliatelle Funghi Review

Red Robin Zita’s Chicky ‘Cado Review

Flock, in case you haven't noticed, avocado is huge right now. We've gone beyond the avocado toast era to just pudding avocado on everything. It's like a cult or something. That being said, this has resulted in some pretty amazing culinary creations. Red Robin just added a new sandwich to their Burger Master Series: Zita's … Continue reading Red Robin Zita’s Chicky ‘Cado Review

Mighty Taco Blueberry Empanada Review

If you live in Western New York, you already know about Mighty Taco. The local fast-service taco place known for the Super Mighty, El Niño burrito, and their quirky placemats brought back their blueberry empanadas for the summer, and I'm so glad they did. The crispy, sugary wonder that is Mighty Taco's empanada is basically … Continue reading Mighty Taco Blueberry Empanada Review