The Marvelous Mayoral Mustaches of Niagara Falls


Is it a rule in Niagara Falls that our mayor must rock the ‘stache?

Mayor Paul Dyster is easily noticeable in a crowd due to his mustache. It’s such a part of his character that I don’t think anybody could imagine him without it.

Of course, Dyster’s mustache is really just a piece of the long-tradition of mustachio’d mayors that have run the city of Niagara Falls, NY.

Even before Niagara Falls was a city, village president Peter Augustus Porter was rocking a stylish Victorian ‘stache.


He was also a poet, apparently

Our fifth mayor, Arthur Schoellkopf, also had a thick, industrial mustache.


Porter’s mustache asked his mustache for some land for a park. True story.

E. Dent Lackey’s mustache is almost as famous as his white horse and demolition of downtown.


His glare was as deadly as his style.

After a long drought, Vince Anello brought the ‘stache back.

His mustache has a radio show now.

And last, but certainly not least, our lovable mayor Paul Dyster’s mustache.


Keeping the tradition alive and well.

Now, is a mustache a necessity? Not at all: every mayor between Lackey and Anello kept their upper lip clean shaven. Even our longest serving mayor, Michael O’Laughlin, lacked a mustache.
But for those who choose to rock the ‘stache, there will always be a long line of Niagara Falls mayors giving you a thumbs up.