The time JFK landed in the Falls


Cecil Stoughton. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

Niagara Falls’ runway was the only one long enough for Air Force One

For President’s Day, I thought I’d deviate from the Monday postcards and instead talk about the time President John F. Kennedy landed in Niagara Falls.

JFK was set to speak at Buffalo’s Pulaski Day celebrations on October 16, 1962. Of course, Buffalo’s airport didn’t have a long enough runway.

The Niagara Falls Municipal Airport, however, did.

This led to JFK landing here on October 14, and making a little statement in front of a crowd of people.

This speech is such a product of the Cold War. Fear of Communism runs rampant through it, and it is beautiful.

Also note the misspelling of E. Dent Lackey’s name as “Lachey”. Lackey wasn’t even mayor yet, but by the end of that year, he would be the first Democrat elected by the city in over a decade (things have changed, haven’t they?)

I hope everyone enjoys their President’s Day (especially those who are off from school/work). Next week it’s the finale of Mailing Niagara with the most random postcard you’ll ever see.