The Marketside has the best pancakes on this planet

Anybody who says otherwise doesn’t know pancakes.

In this era of uncertainty, there is only one fact that we can rely on: Mike from The Marketside makes the best pancakes.

I’m not exaggerating: Mike’s pancakes are insanely good. They’re almost too good.

For those of you not familiar, The Marketside has been around, well, forever. It sits right in the city market on Pine Avenue in the Falls, and is usually mobbed with people desperate for a good breakfast.

There are two real contenders on the menu. The first is an eggs and homefries scramble called the “Sal Maglie” after the baseball player born in the Cataract City.

The Sal with everything is literally the kitchen sink. Eggs, potato, bacon, sausage, ham, peppers, onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, spinach, every cheese ever, and I’m probably missing something because it is literally everything. It is the best breakfast you can ever get.

Of course, the second contender on the menu is the pancakes. These are not your average pancakes. These delicious disks are always fluffy. A slight crisping of the edge creates a subtly that nobody would ever expect from a pancake. I always get two: most people get three. Everyone I know that gets three has to go on a fast for the next week. This is partly due to the fact that Mike’s pancakes are the size of plates, but I have a hunch there’s some sort of sacred rule that eating anything after Mike’s pancakes is a sin to the palate.

If Niagara Falls is the breakfast capital of the world, Mike might just be the king of the castle.

The Marketside is located on 712 E Market Street, Niagara Falls, NY. in the 14301 zip code (arguably the best zipcode: I’m a Little Italy kid). They’re only open from 7am-12pm, so be sure to get up early if you want to score the best pancakes in the world.