That time I was in Seventeen Magazine (because of Totes McGoats)


Many moons ago, Niagara Falls was all over the news because of Totes McGoats: the terrifying new mascot to help spread the message of recycling!

Totes went viral insanely fast. Niagara Falls was all over Twitter, and I had no idea what I was witnessing. It was so surreal.

So naturally, I tweeted. Of course, I tweeted at the wrong Totes…long story short there was a parody account with infinitely more followers that showed up first in my timeline. The real Totes McGoats is @NFTotesMcGoats, NOT @TotesMcGoatsNF! Alas, the celebrity crush thing was cute, right?

Well, out of nowhere, I see my tweet pop up on the Seventeen Magazine website.

I didn’t see that coming!

I guess it just sort of fit the moment: a sheep talking about how a weird goat was its “celebrity crush”.

I’ve met the person behind Totes, Brook D’Angelo (she’s the person in the picture that isn’t a goat or a mayor). She is infinitely more entertaining than Totes could ever be. She even has purple hair!

Am I riding on Totes’ coattails a bit here? Of course! But hey, for the record: I came first!