Am I popular?! – Sheepie Journal



It just hit me today that I have over 200 followers on my Twitter.

Now, that’s not really a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a lot for me. This time last year, I had about 20 followers, and most of them were either bots, friend’s accounts, or in one instance, a friend’s dog’s account.

All of a sudden, a lot of very important people are following me. It’s weird to think that this cartoon sheep might actually be popular.

I’m also realizing as I’m writing that this post might sound braggy. I’m not trying to brag: all of you are my flock, and you’re the ones that keep this going. I couldn’t do this without all of you.

I should probably mention that I’m writing this late at night without glasses, meaning I’m both tired and slightly dizzy. Great combo.

Once again, thank you. Now, back to some other posty bits:

  • Those lovely warm temps? Yeah, those are dropping fast. Rain and cold, why must you be here?
  • Easter’s coming up, and it’s bringing a whole ton of schoolwork with it. wow.
  • Wegman’s recalled their killer brownies because they might kill people. I mean…they kinda warn you with the name.
  • The Sears at the Boulevard Mall is finally gone. The only nice thing I ever got there was a pair of decent shoes. Still wear them. I prefer the Sears in Wheatfield, but I don’t think that company’s going to be around much longer.
  • I watched 39 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, but didn’t waste $6.59 on questionable sushi at school. I don’t trust pizza place sushi.

-Sheepie ❤

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