The Totes McGoats training video EVERYONE missed


Everyone remembers Totes McGoats, Niagara Falls terrifying lovable recycling mascot that accidentally broke the internet.

Of course, as Totes Mania began to die down, the Niagara Falls recycling (SWEET) group made a video.

That’s right: there’s a Totes McGoats video.


The video is meant to show the residents of Niagara Falls how to follow the city recycling ordinances, but…just watch.

If you were wondering what would happen if Totes attempted to make the Krusty Krab training video, this is your answer.

This video is gold. Let’s face it: Totes is campy. This video takes that fact and runs with it, and runs with it, and runs with it.

Just look at Totes:


To explain: that is a picture of Totes McGoats. He is holding a wheel from some unfortunate recycling cart that came to a horrible fate (I assume). He is also wearing a sideways baseball cap. Why is he wearing a sideways baseball cap? BECAUSE HE’S THE REAL OG TOTES MCGOATS, BOI!!!

It doesn’t stop there.


Here, we have real OG Totes McGoats picking up dog poop. Why? Because he’s DA REAL OG TOTES MCGOATS, BOI!!! How many times do I gotta explain this?

Oh, and make sure you stay after the credits. You definitely need to hear about “Mr. Recycling King”. Who is “Mr. Recycling King”? This is “Mr. Recycling King”.


Look at him! He’s so proud to be the king of recycling. Somebody needs to send him a crown made out sustainable materials.

Oh, but it’s not over, folks! Totes McGoats has a theme song!

I’m not kidding. Watch in awe as Totes boogies to…okay I can’t make fun of it. It’s actually really catchy. It’s weird like Totes, but it’s so catchy!


Now, with all the awesomeness this video has to offer, it’s sitting at a sad 2,351 views. We need to fix that. I need all of you to watch this video. I need you to send it to your friends. I need you to write your Congressmen with a link to this video. Heck, tweet it at the President: maybe he’ll watch it.


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