In For a Penny: Supporting JDRF!

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Hey flock! If you follow my Twitter at all, you know that I spend quite a bit of time tweeting @InForAPennyJDRF.

Well, it just so happens that the JDRF One Walk is coming up, and Paul (the man behind the Twitter) wanted me to share with the flock what makes these events so special.

Let me introduce you to the ever-adorable Penny:

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In 2014, Penny was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Paul explains his daughter’s story:

“We never thought it was a possibility, but right before her sixth birthday, Penny started showing symptoms and was quite irritable, and as every family with a Type 1 child knows those first few days are hectic. Your pediatrician rushes you to an ER and they tell you your kid has diabetes, and here are 50 ways your life will change.

Paul wants everyone to understand what’s behind Type 1 diabetes, with diabetes in general carrying a heavy stigma:

Type 1, to make sure it’s clear, is genetic and is not caused by a lack of care for oneself. Those who have it simply have it surface one day. The person’s immune system destroys cells in the pancreas that make insulin, leaving the person unable to do so and reliant upon injections.

Penny’s a fighter, and she’s doing spectacular. Of course, there’s still a lot that Penny and her parents have to deal with:

Type 1 requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels (including in the middle of the night), special considerations at school and at social events (like eating cake at a friend’s birthday party), frequent insulin injections and a little bit of a loss of childhood in general. She always has to have a bag with diabetic supplies on hand (her school has supplies we provide) and can’t even take a piece of candy without thinking twice.

Of course, nothing stops the now nine-year-old Penny! The family wanted to support all those who deal with Type 1 diabetes, which led to “In For a Penny”. The group walks in the annual June walk to raise money.  In fact, they’ve raised over $10,000 over their first three years!

This year, In For a Penny’s event is at the Lewiston Stone House.  There’s all sorts of fun stuff to do.

There’s going to be a basket raffle and a celebrity bartending event. What celebrities you may ask?

Slated to appear is Mike Schopp from WGR 550 AM, Angela Christoforos from WIVB, Jerry Sullivan from the Buffalo News and Jeffrey Showers, principal of Cataract Elementary School!

There’s going to be live music courtesy of Back to the Barstools.

All money goes straight to JDRF.

If you want to attend the event, it’s May 27 from 1-6 p.m. at the Lewiston Stone House at 755 Center St. in Lewiston, NY.

You can check out In For a Penny’s Facebook page here. You can also check out the awesome Twitter @InForAPennyJDRF

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