“Saved by Zero” by The Fixx – Music Review

Smooth aftertaste.

“Saved by Zero” is the 1983 single off The Fixx’s album Reach the Beach.

I actually have this album on vinyl, and it’s quite enjoyable. There’s a few other songs I’ll probably get to at some point in future reviews.

“Saved by Zero” is a very eerie-toned minimalist piece. The phrase “Saved by Zero” apparently comes from Buddhist teaching. According to Fixx frontman Cy Curnin, the song is literally about having nothing left to lose.

This song is actually quite sleek. Real guitar mixes with synth to create an overall smooth song. This is a smoke song (a song that is slow enough to enjoy a cigarette to in the 1980s, although I can very much say that I don’t smoke).

Grade: B

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