Oreo O’s are back, and nothing else in life matters


90s kids can finally rejoice knowing that Oreo O’s cereal is back on the market.

The cereal has been gone for over a decade (even longer if you remember that marshmallow disaster they replaced it with.) It was available in South Korea up until recently, and many die-hard fans spent loads of money for some on eBay.

I was stumbling through the aisles of Walmart today. Now, Walmart is a place that I cannot stand to be in: it is Dante’s Inferno, and everyone knows it.

Lo and behold, as I ground my cart through the ashes of society, seraphim trumpets sounded. Cherubim lowered a box down in front of me. I was in awe.

As the blinding light subsided, I came face to face with my greatest wish. The cereal that I had been craving for over a decade stood in front of me. This was my reward. I had been through enough, and this was my manna from heaven.

Okay, so I’m being a bit dramatic here, but you need to understand: it’s Oreo O’s. One of the first things I ever read as a kid was the newspaper in the box telling the tale of cows stealing the cereal. I knew it was stashed in Fort Knox. I knew if I ever visited Fort Knox, I’d surely nag them for Oreo O’s (forget the gold.)

This is my childhood. I don’t care about the other 90s nostalgia reboots. Crystal Pepsi was okay, and I couldn’t care less about any form of Dunkaroos, but Oreo O’s needed to come back.

And so they have.

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