Dammit, Water Board

Flock, I’m currently writing this on my phone as I’m looking at both the front page of the Gazette, and a press conference on criminal probes.

How many times is the Niagara Falls Water Board going to cause a scene?

Remember the $20 availability fee fiasco last year? 

What about the “we’re not paying to fix the pipes in a street that literally froze over”?

Now, they turn the water ink black, and make downtown reek of sewage.

I’m a Public Relations person: the dumbest thing a company can do is something incredibly wrong and incredibly visible.

If this dump would’ve happened at night, this probably wouldn’t even be a story.

But no, the lovely treatment plant decided to flush their system during peak hours on a peak day in a peak month.

And now we’re back to square one all over the world as the home of “Love Canal”.

I don’t even blame the city for this: the Water Board is a shared control with the state. I entirelt blame the Water Board for this mess.

So much for us being the “green” side…unless by green they meant the faces of the people sniffing downtown.

-Irritated Sheepie 

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