“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” Journey Review


The only Journey song I like.

“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”, the 1983 song by Journey, is the only song by the band I like.

*record scratch*

That’s right: I hate “Don’t Stop Believing.” Hate it with a passion. It’s a dumb, overused song that has ended every middle school dance ever.

Of course, “Separate Ways” is known as the song to kill Journey. It had what is often stated to be the worst music video of all time, and it actually broke the band’s successful run.

I don’t know why people hate this song.

Musically, it’s a hard hitting piece of 80s rock at its finest. The tune is both dramatic and eerie. This is a punching song: a song where you break your way through chains and jail cells. It might be over-dramatic, but it’s awesome.

Lyrically, this is a great song to sing along to. It has lyrics (which is a rare scene in 80s music), and they lyrics are easy enough to sing along to.

Seriously, this is a good song. It’s Journey’s best song. You can fight me all you want on this: I’m not changing my mind.

Grade: A

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