CASINO WARS: Niagara Edition


Things are getting heated.

According to the Buffalo News, Gov. Cuomo’s camp is threatening to put a non-Seneca casino in Niagara Falls is the Senecas keep refusing to pay their revenue share.

The Senecas are sticking to their guns that they have met their end of the compact, and the Governor is attempting to strong-arm them.

This. is. crazy.

Neither side has actually met face-to-face, which makes the entire situation even weirder.

Seriously: what is even going on here? Are we going to build a spite casino? I mean, I’m all in favor of a spite casino. They can even put it in the Turtle just to maximize the pettiness.

In reality, I think it’s time for both sides to take a deep breath and figure this out. The Senecas aren’t being hurt by this, and the state is willing to drag this out. Niagara Falls doesn’t exactly have the resources to survive a war of attrition, so I would personally like to see this resolved sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this? Leave a comment below.

-Sheepie ❤


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