Niagara University just upped its green game


Niagara University just installed a new electric car charging station as part of their steps to decrease their carbon footprint.

I happened to stumble across this the day before a massive-press conference announcing it when I made a wrong turn along the Castellani Art Museum and trodded across the parking lot.

This thing is so cool! There’s two spots to charge your electric car, which will definitely encourage students to take those cars to campus.

Niagara University also started a new environment studies program, as well as the ever-popular NU Goes Green club.

It helps that Niagara University is sitting next to the Niagara Power Project, which has been churning out hydropower for over half a century.

I get excited whenever my college does something cool like this. The American side of Niagara Falls has reinvented itself as the natural side, and having our neighboring university pushing its environmental strategy is a serious boost to that.

Well done, Niagara University!

-Sheepie ❤

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