The Giacomo: An Art Deco masterpiece in Niagara Falls, NY


The Giacomo, formerly known as the United Office Building, is a stunning structure.

Completed in 1929, 217 foot Mayan Revival masterpiece pierces a city skyline lacking anything quite as unique.

After sitting vacant for a period of time, the United Office Building was transformed into The Giacomo: a collection of upscale hotel rooms and apartments.

The exterior of The Giacomo lives up to Mayan Revival craftsmanship. The building is adorned with elaborate Mayan glyphs from top to bottom, while the toasted brick rises infinitely into the sky.


The stacked gift box design of the tower creates extra mystique. The portions at the top depict elaborate Mayan scenes that would be hard to see without a pair of strong binoculars (or an incredible camera lens). My point-and-shoot cannot do this building justice.


A wonderfully modern twist on Art Deco shines through at the modern lobby bar, where one might feel like a modern-day Gatsby.


The original pieces of the old office building are just as stunning, including the pleasant stairway.


What really makes the Giacomo shine, however, is the “sky lounge.”

While serving as a pleasant retreat for guests, the loung also serves as the best observatory in the region. The towers of Buffalo can be seen in the distance as you sip on your gin and tonic atop the 19th floor.

If you are in Niagara Falls, NY, you absolutely must visit this historic piece of architecture, if only to admire the handiwork of an era long gone.

-Sheepie ❤

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