Niagara, what are you doing to yourself?

I don’t get it Niagara Falls: what are you doing?

We were almost broke in the 70s. The 1980s were defined by how broke we were. The wild 90s saw us redefining broke, and seeing if we could go broker. The noughties were filled with casino brokeness.

Now here we are in 2017, basically broke.

There’s so much momentum right now, and there’s this idea that everything will come to a screeching halt.

It won’t, but the cost is gonna hurt.

14% business property tax hurt.

I know for a fact that my morning omelette is going to spike in price, shrink in size, or quite possibly both.

It seems any point we get on our feet, somebody’s waiting with a bat.

And that somebody is usually a citizen (or former citizen) of the city.

If I see one more snide comment on Facebook I might puke. You’re not helping the city being like this. 

Guess what: I’m gonna pay for the omelette. I’m gonna keep supporting my city. There’s a lot of people that agree with me on this.

Then there’s the lot of you that just want to complain.

I usually avoid this, but I’m explicitly calling out the Niagara Falls Reporter by name.

That paper is a rag. Not even a good rag. I used to read it to see if the wrong clock really was right twice a day. I had to stop because it was raising my blood pressure.

Complaining about a problem never solves it. Action solves problems. Real action. 

We have people spending their own hard-earned money putting pianos out and painting crosswalks to make Niagara Falls a nicer place. I know people love this because these projects get rave reviews.

We need more of this positive momentum. We need this self-determination. We need to kick this woe is me fatality to the curb (to be picked up on bulk pickup days with our wildly successful recycling programs). 

Cool? Cool.

-Sheepie ❤

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