Commercialism Christmas Day 1


Merry Christmas flock!

I’ve decided to spice up the 12 days of Christmas this year with something really awesome: retro commercials.

As a nostalgic 90s kid, I feel like the holidays are the best time for commercials. Yes, I’m giving you the gift of people trying to sell you stuff. Every single commercial aired on December 8, 1995, and transferred over to digital by your favorite sheep for your viewing pleasure.

Up first, we have quite possibly the most intense two day sale ad in history, featuring Scotty from Star Trek. Leave it to Ames to think this one up.


Next up, we have another dramatic ad from Raymour & Flanigan. You don’t have to pay for anything until 1997! Isn’t that amazing?

**After receiving a notification from Raymor and Flanigan, this video had to be taken down. Sorry about that.

Finally, my holiday gift suggestion. Get that special someone a Dustbuster. I have the same one in this ad, and it still works great.


There’s a bunch of new videos every day leading up to Christmas, so be sure to come back for your daily dose of nostalgia.


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