Slowly I turned


Mayor Paul Dyster’s State of the City address was yesterday. With all the current hiccups in the Cataract City, there were only two moods the speech could take: tactful dread or obligatory optimistic.

The mayor obviously picked optimistic.

Living in the Falls my entire life, and having a vested interested in its complex workings for the last few years, I’ve been watching the slow progress we’re making.

But, boy is it slow.

Now, any good long-term revival should be done slowly. There needs to be time for things to stick. Doing too much at once can cause a rapid collapse, and we learned that the hard way in the last few decades.

It seems that we are taking advice from that famous skit about Niagara Falls. Slowly we turned: step by step, inch by inch.

We’ve definitely taken some massive steps recently, but there’s still quite a few to take.

At least we have a scenic view, though!


-Sheepie ❤

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