Niagara Falls City Council Election: Tompkins wins second term, Spanbauer tilts Republican Majority

Niagara Falls’ City Council election showed a strong show of support for incumbent Kenneth Tompkins.

Tompkins secured (unofficial) 5,442 votes, more than any candidate in the city election (even mayor elect Robert Restaino).

John Spanbauer secured 4,366 (pre-absentee) votes, with Alicia Kenyon close behind with 4,337.

Donta Myles received 3,071. There were also 42 write-ins.

The razor-thin margin between Spanbauer and Kenyon widened with absentee votes, resulting in Spanbauer’s win. As a result, Niagara Falls will have the first Republican majority in decades.

Republicans including Councilman Chris Voccio celebrated at their watch party inside the Giacomo downtown, although Councilman Tompkins chose to watch from Sammy’s Pizzeria.

-Sheepie ❤

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