Visiting Niagara Falls State Park in the Coronavirus Lockdown

Hey flock! I hope all of you are hanging in there (and being safe) during the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions around the globe.

Here in Niagara Falls, NY, we’re under New York State’s PAUSE order. This means that pretty much every non-essential business is closed.

That being said, Niagara Falls State Park is (as of publishing) open. Not only are all the State Parks open, parking fees are being waved (which for a person who actively avoids pay parking in Niagara is a huge bonus).

Now, I have been strictly following New York State’s orders to stay home. However, a certain someone (who you may remember from Saint Patrick’s Day) is going stir-crazy in their house.

So, I caved (very, very slightly) and went to the State Park.

Sheepie Niagara and Ellis during the COVID-19 lockdown in Niagara Falls State Park
This is the closest we’ve been since March 14th.

Yes, Ellis and I were wearing N-95 respirators (leftovers from a sanding project) and gloves the entire time. We were the only people in the park wearing protective gear, and we got a couple of dirty looks. Too bad. With so many people actively ignoring common sense, I am taking no chances. (Ellis continues to call me “Andrew Cuomo” because I keep quoting the PAUSE order.)

I must say: being in the State Park was surreal. Although people were there, every building was locked down.

Niagara Falls State Park building closed due to Coronavirus
It was like a zombie film.

Merchandise was covered in tarps inside unlit gift shops, plywood covered the Cave of the Winds Ticket booth, and anywhere that wasn’t an “outdoor” area was locked up. Although I’m used to these views in certain areas of the city, seeing it in the State Park was a little weird.

On the nicer end of things, the natural part of Niagara was stunning as always.

Upper Niagara rapids
I’m just going to tell people that this is the actual waterfall.

The Canadian geese were violating the border shutdown by floating around Three Sisters Islands.

Canadian goose in Niagara Falls State Park
His name is Ryan.

Of course, the Falls itself is always wonderful to look at.

American Falls
This view never gets old.

The Cave of the Winds deck is actually going up, too!

Cave of the Winds construction 2020
Shoutout to those workers for being awesome.

Ellis and I spent a good couple of hours walking around, and it really did take my mind off the COVID-19 situation.

So, if you need to get some fresh air safely away from people, I’d definitely suggest heading to Niagara Falls State Park (I’m planning on hitting Whirlpool next week if the weather’s nice).

How have you been spending your time this last week? Do you have any fun indoor (or even outdoor) activities? Let me know in the comments.

-Sheepie ❤

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