Revisiting Eliza Keig

Hey flock!

It was a busy weekend here in Niagara Falls, NY. With many of the State Parks filling up, I thought it appropriate to sneak over to the quieter end of Deveaux Woods. While there, I stopped by to check on the grave of Eliza Keig.

The grave of Eliza Keig. Deveaux Woods, Niagara Falls, NY. August 2020.

After stumbling upon the grave back in May, I took a look at story behind it, and how Eliza ended up in Deveaux Woods. Since then, I returned to check on the site in June, before finally stopping by again this weekend (August 15).

I had seen a few photos around taken a few years back with various trinkets and toys placed along the grave stone, and it appears the tradition has continued.

Items left at the grave of Eliza Keig. Niagara Falls, NY.

On my latest trip, a variety of trinkets peppered the site. On the top of the stone was a red crayon and acorn. Along the base was a stone cross, hair band, penny, “Breathe” keychain, and a half-burned cigarette.
There were also three bead bracelets partially buried in the grave mulch.

Bracelets left at Eliza Keig gravesite.

A “footstone” has now joined the four limestone markers, with branch segments lining the edges.

Branches along the grave of Eliza Keig. Niagara Falls, NY.

The ground area around the grave has been littered with an incredible amount of shattered glass, particularly beer bottles. The glass has been semi-embedded into the dirt. While this does provide a sparkle to the immediate area, shoes with good soles are recommended if you are going to visit the site yourself.

Shattered glass litters the area around Eliza Keig's grave.

While I didn’t attempt to clean up the glass, I did throw out a few business card scraps and the half-burned cigarette away (properly).

If you’re looking to visit the grave of Eliza Keig, the coordinates are Latitude 43.1175, Longitude 79.06. It can be accessed through the Deveaux Woods walking trails.

Most importantly, please remember that this is both a grave and a natural environment: please be respectful.

Have you visited Eliza Keig? Let me know in the comments.

-Sheepie ❤

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