Summit Sportsplex Construction Imminent 

Okay flock: don't quote me on this. Construction on the Summit Mall sports domes in Wheatfield is expected to start as soon as next week. Red Hooded Manatee, who follows the mall, will be following construction updates. They'll most likely be echoed here. Construction is expected to be completed in the fall, and teams are … Continue reading Summit Sportsplex Construction Imminent 

The Summit Mall’s set to reopen in October

Well, let's see about that. First note, this post is in partnership with our, um, excitable semi-sister blog Red Hooded Manatee. It focuses almost entirely on Summit Park Mall news, so if that's your cup of tea, go follow it. Yesterday, I mentioned that a public hearing was being held about putting a brewery in the former … Continue reading The Summit Mall’s set to reopen in October

Why the “Dead Mall” Sears will never close

Sears stores are falling left and right. Surprisingly, the Sears store least likely to close is the one attached to a shuttered mall. Sears has been having a really, really bad time. With brick-and-mortar stores beginning to succumb to the internet, a cornerstone of America, good ol' Sears & Roebuck, is quickly sinking. It was … Continue reading Why the “Dead Mall” Sears will never close