Why the “Dead Mall” Sears will never close


Sears stores are falling left and right. Surprisingly, the Sears store least likely to close is the one attached to a shuttered mall.

Sears has been having a really, really bad time.

With brick-and-mortar stores beginning to succumb to the internet, a cornerstone of America, good ol’ Sears & Roebuck, is quickly sinking.

It was announced in December that Sears was closing its stores in the Galleria and Boulevard Malls here in Western New York. 

This announcement is part of a nationwide cascade of closures for the company, which also owns the ever-struggling Kmart.

It would be safe to assume, then, that the next store they’re going to close is the Sears at the Summit Park Mall. The mall has been closed since 2009, leaving the store eerily quiet.


This is the busiest I’ve seen it in years!

The Summit Park Mall Sears, due to one odd fact, will probably be the last Sears to close ever.

See, by some sort of insane voodoo magic, Sears owns its own land. The Sears store is not leasing the land from the owners of the closed mall, it belongs to them.

Without having to pay for a lease, Sears could theoretically run this store until it bankrupts. Also, as the Sears stores in Western New York begin to close, more people will find their way towards the desolate location.

On top of that, a sports complex and brew pub are in the planning stages to be built in the old mall, which would bring even more traffic into Sears.

As weird as it may seem, the last Sears store standing may very well be the one that everyone expected to be the first to disappear.