How I somehow met the governor


Getting a call changing my day, and running home to change my outfit!

Today was supposed to be a normal day.

I read on Twitter that Cuomo was stopping by the Falls, but that’s where I thought it would end.

After my morning class, I was eating lunch with a friend when I got a phone call.

Someone high up in the realm of pulling strings was on the other end. Apparently he trusted me, so he invited me to the ribbon cutting.

I was excited.

I was nervous.

I was wearing UGGs.

The time was 12:45. I had to be picked up for the event at 2:00. I had nothing to wear readily available.

I drive home like a bat out of hell, turn on the iron, pulled off more tags than I thought I was capable of, fix my hair, and get a pair of sensible shoes.

I was at the dropoff by 1:40.

The event at the Double Tree was wonderful. A who’s who of politicians, reporters, and all sorts of interesting people.

We were crowded in a room with so many important people. Somehow I ended up in the third row, which is crazy!

We were all waiting. Suddenly, there was this booming announcement.

In case you haven’t been to a Governor Cuomo press conference before, the announce sounds like a prize fight. Picture it: “Ladieeeees and Gentlemen….GOVERNOR ANDREEEEEWWWWWWW CUOOOOOOMOOOOOOOO!” *ecstatic applause*

Now, Governor Cuomo is a really good speaker. I’m a fairly skeptical person, but I honestly believed a lot of what he said. He’s a good speaker, and if you believe him (I do), he’s done a lot for Niagara Falls.

Of course Mayor Dyster was there to speak as well. The mayor might be one of the most relatable public speakers. You can’t dislike him when he’s speaking. He doesn’t have the high-gloss coating of Albany politicians, and he has the best jokes.

When the press conference was over I was heading out to leave. By some stroke of luck I ended up shaking hands with the governor, so my day was totally made!

Then there was the reception.

The new Double Tree hotel is amazing. They had champagne and shrimp and chicken and everything smelled awesome (I didn’t eat anything but it still smelled awesome!)

I was very honored to be part of this event; I had no idea this morning that I’d be bumping elbows with governors and mayors.

Oh, and notice how I didn’t mention turning off the iron? Yeah…my mom just called and said I left it plugged in…but hey, the house didn’t burn down, so it’s a good day!

If you want to watch the press conference, most of it is below (I missed the opening because I didn’t know we could record.)