Music Review: “Talking in Your Sleep” by The Romantics


A peppy, creepy hit.

The Romantics’ 1983 hit “Talking in Your Sleep” is one of those classic 80s rock earworms. I actually keep a penny and a roll of tape handy to play my scratched-up vinyl single at a moment’s notice.

Real talk: this songs opening is so good. That *buh duh buh* guitar that starts up and never stops is what makes this song. The pacing of the song is also solid for dancing: not so slow that it’s awkward, but not so fast as to wear you out.

The lyrics are okay. Wally Palmar is not a bad singer (especially considering what was on the radio in the 1980s). The song is cryptic, and a bit creepy, with the repeating “I hear the secrets that you keep…when you’re talking in your sleep.”

Note to self, never go to a slumber party with The Romantics.

All in all, it’s a good song. I like this song. I wouldn’t listen to it nonstop, as it does get repetitive, but it’s a solid song for a setlist.

Grade: B+