Having a Frankie’s Donut is a spiritual experience


The divinity of 25/8

It is strange to believe that there are people out there that have never had a donut from Frankie’s Donuts. It is surreal that there are people on this planet that are no aware of how insanely good a donut from Frankie’s is.

Now, those people down in the Buffalo area will tell you that Paula’s is the best. Sorry Buffalo, you’re so wrong. Like, incredibly wrong. I’ve had Paula’s donuts. Paula’s donuts are good. Paula’s donuts are not Frankie’s. Frankie knows how to make a donut.

How does Frankie know how to make a donut? It’s all in the handlebar mustache. That is an undisputed fact.

Frankie also has some of the most interesting donuts ever. I once picked up a powdered creme donut when my professor (best teacher ever) brought in Frankie’s. Then my donut started bleeding. Frankie was brilliant enough to make a half-creme-half-jelly donut.

A personal favorite of mine for breakfasts is the peanut stick. This is really the donut that he’s mastered. It has a crunchy outside and a moist, cake-like inside. It is wonderful.

The donut featured on this post is quite possibly one of the greatest donuts ever made: the coconut creme. It is a creme donut covered in toasted coconut…please stop drooling on your keyboard.

Frankie also makes subs, pizza, wings, and dreams come true.

If your craving a donut, Frankie’s is on 717 Portage Road in Niagara Falls. Frankie always talks about how he’s open 25/8, so any hour is the right hour for a delicious donut!