The Niagara Falls Wintergarden brochure


For this week’s Advertising Niagara, I present one of my favorite pieces in my collection. This is a brochure the the good ol’ wintergarden (winter garden? winter-garden? I’ve seen it spelled so many ways).

Look at this thing. It’s so wonderful. It’s so historical, too. Most of this information has been lost. I know I can’t find all of it on the internet. Did you know all of the plants? Nope? Cool! I did my job.

The wintergarden cost $7,850,000 in 1978 money. That’s about $30.5 million in 2017 dollars, so the price of one of the new downtown hotels.

The wintergarden separated the Rainbow Mall into the East and West malls. Time for some translation, since Rainbow Mall means something completely different in this context. “Rainbow Mall” here refers to Old Falls Street, which had been converted into a pedestrian mall. In other words, the building blocked a street. This would be why it was torn down in 2009 (which still tears at my heart quite a bit: if only it was built anywhere else, we might still have it to work with (yes I know by the time it was torn down it was an abandoned fun house: let me have my moment!)

Of course, the brochure is stamped with Honorable Michael C. O’Laughlin’s name. You may know him as the guy who was mayor for four consecutive terms. Apparently we liked him.

What’s the best about this brochure is how great it makes the wintergarden sound:

“Looking for a quiet oasis to while away some free time?”

Yes, yes I am.

“Here is a tranquil piece of paradise within easy reach or just a friendly green reminder for all seasons.”

…I’m not crying, you’re crying.

With all this talk of transforming Niagara Falls into a green tourism mecca, a new wintergarden is something we desperately need. I for one am still hoping for a return of that little piece of paradise.

Next week’s post won’t exactly be advertising, but you’re still going to get a kick out of it, I promise.