The Niagara Experience Center looks awesome!

These proposals remind me so much of Epcot.

Follow along at home: you can view the NEC website here.

Sometimes I have really weird dreams.

For example, I had a dream a couple months back that I went to some place in Niagara Falls with tall indoor waterfalls. It was supposed to be some sort of Disney-esque visitors center.

Guess what i ran across in the proposals for the forever-in-the-pipeline Niagara Experience Project?

That looks pretty spot on to what i dreamt of.

Now, I’m positive I’ve never run across this before. I only found out about the website because of the Niagara Falls Reporter of all places.

My dream of this place aside, this thing looks awesome.

I really hope that this plan makes it out of the pipeline. There’s been very little news on it recently, which is never a good sign. Then again, Wonder Falls is also taking its precious time to go anywhere.

If Niagara Falls can turn itself into the good parts of Epcot, I would love that. If you don’t believe that this project is trying to be as sleek as classic Epcot, I need you to look at this.


That’s Soarin’! That’s absolutely an underwater Soarin’! Could you imaging a ride like this in Niagara Falls? This excites me more than it should, but this place looks incredible.

Okay, this project needs to happen. We have the chance to be a real family multi-day destination with this, and that would be incredible.

So, what do you think of the Niagara Experience Center? Leave your comments below.

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