Music Review: “The Promise” by When in Rome


Employee training video music for an employee training video world.

When in Rome’s 1988 hit “When in Rome” is that end of the movie music you expect. This is probably why it was played at the end of Napoleon Dynamite.

There’s nothing offensive about this song. It has that smooth, synthy sound. The lyrics are so lovey-dovey supportive. The pacing is perfect for picking up sponges at your local closeout store.

Since this song is so inoffensive, I find it hard to give it a critical grade. This song doesn’t annoy me like many other songs I’ve listened to. This song falls easily into my “background noise” category that I love to listen to when I’m working.

Even the lyrics are welcoming: “When you need a friend, don’t look to a stranger. You know in the end, I’ll always be there.”

I mean, thanks, When in Rome. It’s good to know you have my back!

Grade: B-