Music Review: “Hold me Now” by the Thompson Twins


Stereotypical 80s prom music.

1983’s “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins (neither twins nor was anybody actually named Thompson) is one of those songs that refuses to go away. I’m strummy. catchy, and just peppy enough.

It’s a slow-paced happy song!

The song is incredibly simple, and is really made for slow dancing, or just awkwardly swaying. It’s a very nice song, and it’s basic enough to be enjoyable without having to dig through layers of melody and lyrical fat.

Everything in the song, from the light synth, to the simple piano, to the weird clacky percussion, all make this song just unique enough to stay in the collective memory. It’s a good song. It’s not the best song ever made (I don’t believe there’s a such thing as the best song ever made), but it doesn’t have to be.

Grade: A