The shattered remains of Niagara’s first website


To finish off our “advertisements” for March, I thought I’d track down Niagara Falls’ first website: Niagara Net.

I first found out about the Niagara Net through this little advert in the corner of a 1995 copy of the Niagara Gazette:


First off, that advertisement is insanely 90s. Look at it! It’s incredible!

Anywho, I went to, and guess what? It’s been for sale for over a decade? I inquired into the domain price, and then cried a little when I got the answer.

Luckily, we have the Wayback Machine, so I was able to get a (partial) copy of the website from 1999.

Here’s the link so you can play along.


Yeah…I really meant partial when I said partial. All of the photos are missing, as is any sort of background.


The writing in this is very early website. Super formal, super business, super serif-font.

What I appreciated is that some of the links still work on the page. There’s an article about the Niagara Falls Historical Society allegedly mishandling artifacts that is kind of interesting.

What’s really cool though is the few attraction links that work. The Aquarium of Niagara actually had its own page on the site, which those of you playing along at home can view here.


Fun fact: an adult admission to the Aquarium in 1999 was $6.50!

I love the fact that every single email connected to this mess was an AOL email. I still have an AOL email laying around, and I use it sometimes. I do NOT miss the sound of dial-up, though.

Now flock, if any of you have a better archive of this website, I would love to see it. It’s sad to see that Niagara’s earliest website is so incomplete. That’s life, I guess.

Did any of you ever visit the Niagara Net? Tell me in the comments below.


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