What to do when your trip gets cancelled – Sheepie Journal


So, I was really, really excited for a trip to the Eaton Centre and Medieval Times in Toronto. Last year, the trip was cancelled due to lack of participation. I felt good about this year. I even cashed in my money for Canadian.

Then they cancelled the trip.

Needless to say I went through the standard stages of grief: anger, rage, chilled apathy, petty rage, full rage, irritation, screaming rage, irritation again, and finally annoyed acceptance.

So what do you do when your trip is ripped from you yet again?

Obviously, you watch anime.

I’m not joking. I’m not much of a Japanese cartoon person, but I always liked the goofiness of Sailor Moon. Of course, I found Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll, and am now on a binge. I’ve always liked Sailor Jupiter personally, but I’m also a fan of Sailor Mars. I’m just stating this because distracting myself with the complexities of anime characters is infinitely better than screaming about my cancelled trip.

Do you know what else you do when you’re trip’s been assassinated? You stay home. Were there things I wanted to do? Sure. Did others want to do them? No. Was there one random event at 10pm on a Friday that they wanted you to drive to so they could try to win free stuff? Of course. Did you cave and go? No! You watched 14 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Needless to say you won’t waste the entire weekend on retaliatory Japanese cartoon watching: you’ll only spent most of the weekend on retaliatory Japanese cartoon watching.

Luckily for you, the weather report was torrential rain combined with more torrential rain and freezing temperatures, so the trip probably would’ve sucked anyway. Plus, you got a refund! Go take your $20 and buy something cute. Something that says, “I couldn’t go to Toronto, but HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BRACELET?!”

Now it’s officially the weekend as of writing this. I’m going to set it to post later, so you’ll be reading this most likely in the morning. Thanks for sitting through my rant, and if you have the time, watch Sailor Moon Crystal: it’s wonderful.

-Sheepie ❤


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