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Guess what the newest binge fad is online? Abandoned places!

I mean, people have always been interested in creepy abandoned houses, but the new trend is abandoned retail.

These “deadmalls”, as they are so lovingly called, have been taking the internet by storm. People like Dan Bell have entire careers devoted to exploring abandoned shopping centers.

This recent movement is part of the Urban Exploration, or “Urbex” fad. Buffalo has its own Urbex culture, but Niagara Falls has been relatively missed.

I say relatively because we have had the occasional Urban Explorer come through. Mount St. Mary’s was featured on several Urbex sites, like this one, or this one. Before the Fallside was torn down and converted into the DoubleTree, it was featured in a piece on abandoned America.

Mind you, quite a bit of Urbex is…not exactly legal. Okay, most of it is completely against all sorts of safety and trespassing laws. People are still doing it, though, and even more are watching these crazy people crawl through the muck of yesteryear.

Do you have a favorite internet Urban Explorer/Abandoned aficionado? Personally I’m a fan of Bright Sun Films’ “Abandoned” series, mainly because I like history (shoutout to Jake). Leave your tales in the comments, I know I’d love to hear them, and I’m sure the rest of the flock would love to share stories.

-Sheepie ❤

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