My music reviews suck: three reasons I do them anyway


I’ve been doing reviews of music from the 1980s for quite a few months now. They even made it over when I moved the blog from Weebly to WordPress.

That being said, they suck.

Now, saying they suck is a bit misleading. I don’t think that the content sucks. They’re fluffy pieces on fluffy music. Plus, it’s one of the few things consistently posted.

However, the 80s music reviews have been consistently the worst performing posts on this blog.

That is not an exaggeration: the reviews continue to fall below even my fluffy rant posts. An outside manager would absolutely tell me to stop with the reviews.

That being said, I’m not stopping. There’s a lot of reasons why, but I’m going to give you the three reasons why the reviews aren’t stopping anytime soon.

1. They are so easy to make.

Like any other creator, I am fully aware of how much time it takes to make content. I don’t always have that time. I need something that I can make fairly easily to break up the week. I actually base the schedule around the Wednesday review: If I removed it, there’d be too much of a gap in posts.

2. They’re universal

Everyone has heard 80s music: it’s the soundtrack of our lives. You’ve at least heard these songs in commercials, so you’re aware they exist. You don’t have to be current or trendy to listen to 80s music. It just exists.

3. It avoids the timeliness issue

The number 1 issue facing anybody that writes about current events is the pace at which something becomes old news. Reviewing something that was made 30 years ago completely destroys the issue of timeliness, at the cost of relevance (hence the low view counts).


So, my 80s music reviews are definitely not going anywhere. I have reviews stocked up for the foreseeable future. If you’re bored, take a look: maybe you’ll find your new jam!

-Sheepie ❤

2 thoughts on “My music reviews suck: three reasons I do them anyway

  1. trulyunplugged says:

    I’ve read and like a number of your 80’s reviews…I love 80’s music and find your take fun and refreshing and, because they are so brief, I can devour them like potato chips…certainly not a meal, but delicious all the same…thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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