Niagara Falls and Sex: The Steamy (or Misty) Connection

NiagaraFallsArchive 068

Let’s face it: Niagara Falls did not become the Honeymoon Capital of the World (shut up, Poconos) for being a “cutesy” place.

The honeymoons allegedly began with Napoleon’s little brother, and a bunch of other wealthy aristocrats in the 1800s. How opulent. How passionate. How French!

There’s a theory that the rush of water from the Falls actually affects hormones and brain waves and…ahem, you know where I’m going with this.

I mean, the Falls are quite powerful. Rushing water. Thick mist. Thunder. Shaking. Need I go on?

The Niagara Wine Trail also does quite well around here. I nice glass of deep red blends perfectly with the passionate power of the waters.

If you need just one reason to love Niagara, let love be that reason.

xoxo -Sheepie ❤

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