Burger King Mac N Cheetos Review

Today I’m review the Mac N Cheetos from Burger King.

If you’ve ever had fried mac and cheese, you’re on the road to figuring these wonders out.

The five pack of Mac n Cheetos are actually really good.

What is a Mac n Cheeto? Well, it’s mac and cheese shaped into a cheetos puff shape, and coated in a crispy Cheetos crust.

These things are so good. They may sound ridiculous, but they actually work. They’re a bit similar to the Doritos bites and 7 Eleven, but the mac and cheese really adds that extra flair.

This is one of those ‘merica foods. It’s so obnoxious, but so tasty.

So the next time you’re at Burger King, try out their Mac N Cheetos.

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