Trimming the Fat? Niagara Falls & Money


Stream is (or was) here:

I’m currently writing this while listening to the Mayor talk about the Financial Restructuring Board’s response to Niagara Falls’ money issues.

This is an interesting conversation going on right now. The report calls for cuts across the board. This isn’t just trimming the fat: this is cutting into the meat.

Shared services is one of the buzz words flying around.

On a side note, as the mayor discusses our need to boost tourism related jobs, I hear echoes of E. Dent Lackey’s 2-leg strategy of Tourism & Industry.

According to Dyster, there’s a mischaracterization of the report, and this may be getting political.

I’m commending the mayor’s composure during this. From what I’m hearing this review went public way out of left field, and he’s holding his own with these reporters.

With 3 council seats up for grabs this year, this will certainly be a major campaign issue.

Oh, and channel 2 is throwing some major punches. They brought up Wonderfalls, and are pushing the Casino discussions. Also just looked at the mayor and said “Cheshire Cat Smile.”


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