Bridges (both literal and figurative)

iphone 328.JPG

The Niagara Region is known for its bridges. Niagara Falls was settled around the great Suspension Bridge. Every day, hundreds of cars travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S. for work, leisure, and the all important shopping.

Many a commute on the American side is over the Grand Island bridges. We travel across the great blue quadruplets on our way to Buffalo. You can see the Falls from them on your way home.

The Lewiston-Queenston bridge rocks the skyline out of town: banked on either side by massive hydroelectric power plants.

The Whirlpool bridge is an industrial looking piece: trains transport precious cargo across its worn path.

Of course, the bridge that’s synonymous with Niagara Falls is the Rainbow Bridge. It is the bridge that everyone knows, and the bridge that offers unparalleled views of the mighty cataracts.

We are surrounded by bridges, both literal and figurative. The symbiosis Niagara has with its neighbors manifests itself in these bridges. Without these important relationships, Niagara Falls could not survive. Nobody could. If there’s one thing that’s been well established, it’s that nothing truly survives on its own.

via Photo Challenge: Bridge

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