The Perks of Being a Cartoon Sheep

Author’s note: The post you are about to read was originally published on February 22, 2016 on Niagara University’s WNIA Radio website. It is preserved here as is. The links below do not work. “McAlester” is misspelled. The “tiny following” has grown to nearly 300 followers on Twitter, and my styling has changed a bit.   Heck, even the accompanying image is from before the Power Vista’s renovation. Niagara 1/24 still exists, but this cartoon sheep has surpassed it in popularity (I’m basically Frasier). Of course, a lot of you didn’t know most of this about Sheepie, so this will be an entertaining read.


Just an opening word: You are reading a blog post on a college radio station written by a cartoon sheep.

Yes, you read that right. I’m a cartoon sheep. Let me explain.
My name is Sierra “Sheepie” McAllister. You can friend me on Facebook (which I never use) or follow me on Twitter @sheepieniagara (which I use a bit more). If you ever wanted to know how hard it is to find a shoe in size “hoof,” or see someone geek out over breakfasts, you should totally follow my Twitter feed.
It’s been just about a year since I became the mascot for Niagara 1/24 on WNIA. My first appearance was just me in a Rainbow Centre sweatshirt and a ponytail.

Zoom to present day. I have a very tiny following of cluster friends, have had fan art drawn of me (thanks, Katie), inspired a holiday (Schaffest), and almost ran for president. Heck, I was tweeted at by the viral hit Totes McGoats. My tweet even made it in Seventeen magazine! I’m also the most popular person on Niagara 1/24, which is funny since I’ve never actually been on it (cartoon sheep + radio = poor ratings).

So yeah, there are perks to being a cartoon sheep. 🙂

-Sheepie ❤


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