Pints 23, baby!

The 23rd Pints for Progress wrapped up last night at the Hard Rock, and it was a blast as always. The $490 pot went to the Niagara Beautification Commission's Rose Garden restoration project. Considering the recent improvements in New York State's second-largest city-run park (you read that right), fixing up the Rose Garden is a … Continue reading Pints 23, baby!

There’s a lot happening in Niagara Falls

There's a lot going on in Niagara Falls, and I've slipped a bit in coverage. Let's fix that: here's a shortlist of some big-ticket changes going on in the Cataract City. Jingle Falls! The Festival of Lights is back, people! Now called "Jingle Falls", the 3-Saturday event is definitely something you're going to have to … Continue reading There’s a lot happening in Niagara Falls