“Alive and Kicking” by Simple Minds – Music Review


Yes my 80s reviews are still A-LIVE AND KICKINNNNGGGGGGGG

Today’s review is Simple Mind’s “Alive and Kicking” from 1985.

This is such a good song. I personally like this better than “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

The smooth lyrical delivery combines with smooth guitar, a piano break, and greatness.

This is one of those songs that feels grander than it probably is. I feel like this is the ending song to a great film, which makes sense since it’s Simple Minds.

The slower beat of this song might cause people to conflate it with “Don’t You Forget About Me,” although they are completely different animals. While the Breakfast Club classic has been embedded in everyone’s collective psyche, it’s truly not as powerful musically as this song.

Grade: A

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